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IGCA Rescue - Arizona Placements 2001

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Trixie, ~1.5 year old female, placed in Scottsdale in June 2001.  Trixie was turned into the Arizona Humane Society as a stray and was never claimed by her owners.  The AHS, knowing she would need a good home, turned her over to us. Trixie at home with her greyhound pal, Cupid.

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Katie, an 8 year old female, placed in Albuquerque, NM in June 2001.  Katie was turned after being in several homes, the last one having large dogs that picked on her and children that bothered her.

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Here's Katie snoozing on the couch with her new 'sister' Jazz.

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Ody, 6 year old male, placed in Las Vegas, NV in July 2001.  Ody was turned in due to his owners health.

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Brandy, a 2 year old female, placed in Gilbert in August 2001.  Brandy was turned in due to her owner living in an apartment with a dog limit.

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Brandy now happily lives with her new best friend BJ and his other IG Luke.

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Tawni, 4 year old female, placed in Phoenix in September 2001.  Tawni and Daisy were turned in due to changes in the owner's life and not being able to have the time for them.

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Tawni lives with two other Arizona rescue IGs, Bella Rosa and Louigi.

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Jazmin, 2 year old female, placed in Scottsdale in November 2001.  Jazmin was turned into rescue due to her owner's death.  Jazmin is currently on a diet.  :)

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