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IGCA Rescue - Arizona Placements 2002

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Leonardo, a 4 year old male, placed in Phoenix in January 2002.  Leonardo was abandoned in a home when his owners moved out and left him there.  A neighbor let us know about his abandonment and we brought him into rescue.  Here is Leonardo with his new mom.

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Leonardo now lives with Dakota, another rescue, to keep him company.

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Dakota, a 2 year old male, placed in Phoenix in February 2002.  Dakota was turned into the AHS by owners who said that they had too many pets.  The AHS, knowing he would need a good home, turned him over to us.

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Dakota was adopted into the same home as Leonardo to keep him company.  As you can see, Dakota is a big boy at 19 inches tall!  Leo and Dakota are great playmates.

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Becky, a 2 year old female, placed in Scottsdale in February 2002.  Becky was turned in due to her owners health.

Photo coming soon!

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Rudy, a 3 year old male, placed in San Diego, CA in May 2002.  Rudy was turned into the Western Arizona Humane Society in Lake Havasu, as his owner could not housebreak him.

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Here is Rudy with his new mom.  He also has an IG brother, Speedo.

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Rodney, a six month old male, placed in Tucson in May 2002.  Rodney was turned in as his owner's other two dogs were not getting along with him and the owner was having problems with housebreaking.

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Rodney is doing very well in his new home and is going to be a big boy!  He is already 18 inches tall!

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Cody, a one year old male, placed in Chandler in July 2002.  Cody was turned with another rescue as his owner was having problems with housebreaking with both of them.

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Cody, the blue IG, happily lives Bacio in his new home.  They are great playmates!

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Penny, a 3 year old female, placed in Scottsdale in July 2002.  Penny was given to a co-worker when her original owner could not longer keep her.  That co-worker turned her into rescue as Penny was afraid of his full size greyhound.

Photo Coming Soon!

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Twiggy, an ~8 year old fawn female, placed in Phoenix in September 2002.  Twiggy was adopted from Animal Control by an owner that could not housebreak her, so she was turned into rescue.  Twiggy came to use with her teeth in horrible condition.   The vet had to pull all but one of her teeth and she was on antibiotics to fight the terrible infection.

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That's Twiggy on the far right with her new mom, Julie, and her fellow IGs.

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Perry is a six year old red fawn female placed in Tempe in September 2002.  She was turned into rescue after her owner's adopted her from another rescue group and Perry was not getting along in that household.  Perry now lives in a home where she is the only dog, which was best for her, and she is queen of the roost!  Here's Perry with her new owner Jennifer.

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Chester is an 8-9 year old seal male placed in Springfield, MO in November 2002.  He was turned into rescue as a stray in Las Vegas, and was fostered here in Arizona.  Chester now lives in a home with his own harem of beautiful senior rescue IGs!  Chester is in the bottom left of the group photo.

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