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IGCA Rescue - Arizona Placements 2012

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CASSI is a precious 13-year-old black and white female placed in Phoenix on January 5, 2012. Cassi joined rescue on October 4, 2010, when her previous owner was relocating and could not take Cassi with her. Cassi is an extremely special lady with a gigantic heart that will melt your soul with just one kiss! In a reverse twist of destiny, Cassi actually chose her own new forever family! After living with (and falling in love with) her foster family, Cassi decided it was time to officially adopt them! Cassi couldn’t have picked a more perfect forever home, which she shares with IG brother, Marley, and IG sister, Izzy. She is looking forward to a lifetime of cuddling with her amazing mom and dad, and just couldn’t be happier, or more loved. A GREAT BIG congratulations to Cassi and her forever family!

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DANTE is a striking 3-year-old black and white male placed in Gilbert on January 10, 2012. Dante is a very shy boy who has experienced a lot of change in his little life, including a puppy mill background and terrifying relocation experience to Phoenix from the Midwest before arriving in rescue. Dante LOVES to be around other dogs, and has found his best friend forever in Tyson, a min-pin mix who has become his permanent sidekick through thick and thin! Dante’s new mom joined rescue hoping to adopt, and decided to help us out by fostering as well. She wanted to share her story and gratitude for her new furry family member:

“Dante entered through our doors as a skeptical youngster. Tyson and I (my rescue ‐Min Pin mix) had recently lost our beloved IG, Grady, of 15 yrs, and were anxious to have another energetic friend in our lives. We knew Dante might adjust to our family a little slower than other rescues because he had been through a lot in his young life. Meeting him, you could quickly tell he was nervous, but his soft eyes told me he was a loving little boy. Day one involved a lot of hiding and some skittishness, but to my surprise, I was given a quick kiss by day 2! And by the end of week 1, I knew we were making great progress. Dante has been with us for almost five months now, and I can truly say that he and Tyson are the best of friends. I look forward to watching them play and follow one other around, and seeing Tyson cuddling with his new best friend is the best feeling I could ever have asked for. We’ve learned to take walks together and love visiting the dog park (they even try to gang up barking at the “big” dogs together). And what’s amazing is that Dante has even begun letting a few strangers at the park pet him – which is a tremendous step in his “trust” toward people. I’ve been blessed having Dante around, and I am forever grateful to Rescue for introducing him into our lives. Tyson and I can never thank you enough!”

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Andre is a very sweet fawn 8-year-old male placed in Mesa on January 31, 2012. Andre joined rescue on October 23, 2012, when his owners moved out of state and could not take him with them. Andre’s new parents were smitten at first sight with Andre’s website photo and bio, and a first meeting only confirmed that special bond. In his new forever home, Andre enjoys spending time with his new IG sister, Sable, and LOVES to go for his daily walks. Of course he also makes sure to get in ample “lap time” with mom and dad, who are happy to lavish him with lots of love and attention. Congratulations to Andre and his new forever family!  

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Reggie is a 2 year old black and white IG that came into rescue on November 8, 2011 due to aggression with the alpha male Italian Greyhound in his family.

Reggie (renamed Lucca) was adopted on February 24, 2012. He found a wonderful home where he will be king because he is the only dog! He loves being doted on constantly by his new mom and goes with her everywhere. He loves that she is home most of the time because sometimes he still gets a little anxiety when left alone. He goes for long walks a couple times a day, loves to lay in the sun and has plenty of toys to play with and of course cherishes all the attention from his mom and dad. His favorite thing to do at night is sit in between his mom and dad cuddled in a blanket on the couch. He got a new bed and fitted for a sweater and soon will be going to the dog park to socialize with other dogs.

Poor little Reggie was moved around a lot in his short life but now he truly found his forever home!

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Ricky is a blue and white 5 year old male that came in to rescue on July 26, 2011 when his owner had to move in to assisted care living and could not take him with her.

Ricky was adopted on 3/29/2012.  He now lives with a poodle and they get along very well. He spends countless hours playing with the other dog and they have become good playmates.  He enjoys playing fetch, going for long walks and socializing at the dog park.  His new owner has lots of time to spend with him and certainly enjoys all the attention.

Ricky spent almost a year in rescue but it was well worth the wait for him to find his forever home!

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Rizzo is a seal and white 5 year old male that came in to rescue on December 31, 2011 due to bad potty habits.

Rizzo was adopted on March 31, 2012.  Rizzo now lives with a 4 year old Italian Greyhound named Henry and a Schnauzer.  Rizzo is doing great! He’s starting to get more and more comfortable around the house and playing with the other dogs.  He loves his new parents and is always seeks to please them. Rizzo developed good potty habits when he was at his foster home and has not had any potty accidents at his new home.  Yay for Rizzo and finding a home where he is truly loved and can give his love back!!!


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Lucy is a 4 year old black and white female and Oliver is a 4 year old red fawn brother and sister that came in to rescue on January 21, 2012 due to a new baby and their owner could not give them the attention they deserved.           

Lucy and Oliver were adopted together on March 30, 2012 to the same family and did not have to be separated.  They are so happy in their new home.  They respect their older sister Fiona who is the alpha and enjoy the occasional opportunity to view the chickens in the backyard or try to play with one of the cats.  They especially love their little 4 year old human playmate who showers them  with lots of attention.  They go for walks daily, play with lots of toys and love to cuddle with their new parents.  Lucy has definitely taken to a her new mom and Oliver loves being doted on by his new dad.  We couldn’t ask for a more happy ending for this little pack on to themselves that they were able to stay together in their new forever home!!!

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Cleo(renamed Willow)  is a 6 year old seal and white female that came in to rescue on December 11, 2011 due to aggression towards owner and other dog.

 Cleo was adopted on April 7, 2012.  Cleo was blind and her previous owner did not even know it.  Cleo had developed retina atrophy that comes on slowly and starts with night blindness.  By the time Cleo came in to rescue she was completely blind.  Little Cleo pulled on the heart strings of her current owners and they just had to have her.  They always had a soft spot for the special needs dogs.  Cleo is happily living in a her new home and enjoying all the other dogs she gets to play with.  When she arrived at her new home it was like she had always lived there. She loves all the doting she gets from her new mom and dad.  They even purchased a special steps for her so she can get on the bed with ease.  Cleo never showed one ounce of aggression in foster home as well as in her new home. She has always be such a loving little angel.  We are so fortunate that Cleo found a home where she truly does shine!!!

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Romeo is a 14 year old seal and white male that came in to rescue on April 11, 2011 when his owners surrendered him at Maricopa Animal Control

Romeo was adopted on April 14, 2012.  Someone knew that this senior still had a lot of life left in him.  He may be deaf but that does not slow him down.  He loves to play with the young 2 year old Italian Greyhound that is his new sister.  He is very active for an older and guy and has the spirit of a puppy.  He is constantly trying to jump on the table to get to food something that is a no, no but he says,  “Hey I am old, I can get away with it.”  He loves to lay in the sun and occasionally has been caught playing with a squeaky toy.  He gets very excited when comes for dinner and jumps up and down.  He really enjoys going for walks too. 

Romeo celebrated his 15th birthday on May 1, 2012 and he could not have been more happy to have been celebrating in his forever home! 

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Boo is an 8 year old white male Italian Greyhound that came into rescue on November 7, 2011 when his owners turned him in to the Arizona Humane Society. Boo was overweight, was in desperate need of a dental and needed to have many lumps removed.

Boo was adopted on April 14, 2012. Boo now shares his home with many other Italian Greyhounds. He loves to run in the yard with the other dogs, play tug of war with toys and loves to hold a squeaky toy in his mouth to hear it squeak. He is proud to say that he lost 16lbs and his back to his sleek Italian Greyhound body. Boo also enjoys cuddling with his new parents and going for walks.

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Ren is a petite 11 year old fawn male Italian Greyhound that was turned into Maricopa County Animal Control on June 19, 2011. When Ren was picked up at the county pound by one of our volunteers, you see his little teeth on the floor of the cage.

Ren was adopted April 14, 2012. Ren had all his teeth removed and his little tongue hangs out of his mouth sometimes that makes him look even cuter. His new momma calls him a little ostrich. Even though he is almost 12 years old he still loves to play with the younger dogs in the house. He will play fight with them and when he has enough he retires to his favorite little bed. Ren loves to snuggle under the covers and gets very happy when it is bed time. Due to fact that he no longer has any teeth in his mouth, his momma softens his food with water because he still enjoys hard food over soft food. Ren loves the company of the other dogs and will always welcome someone to share his favorite snuggle bed with him. Ren is very grateful that someone can look past his age and see that this little senior has a lot of love to bring to their family!

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Dusty is a 4 year old fawn male Italian Greyhound that was turned into rescue on December 18, 2011. Dusty and his sister Cherry were given up due to a divorce and their owners could no longer give them the home they deserved.

Dusty was adopted on April 14, 2012. Here is a bio directly from Dusty’s owners about their adoption. Dusty joined our family in April of 2012. It was the culmination of a rather lengthy search process to find a gentle, low-key friend and companion for our current dog, Molly. He was an instant fit; friendly and cuddly but not loud or overbearing. When we are home, Dusty loves to be with us. He will snuggle on our laps while we are working , reading or relaxing on the couch watching TV. He, along with Molly, loves walks in the morning when it is cool or in the evening after the sun has gone down. Between the two of them, no bush is left unsniffed.

During the day, Dusty can be found in one of two places: Molly’s bed next to the nightstand, or the couch on a comfy faux fur blanket that he is convinced was made just for him.

Dusty has some health issues that creep up every now and then. He makes it blatantly clear when he is not feeling well. Fortunately, with the help or our vet, Dusty is on a great regimen that, for the most part, keeps him healthy and happy. He appreciates a good massage and will repay your kindness with a thousand kisses (if you let him.)

We are learning that an Italian Greyhound is usually the center of attention. People think Dusty is just the most adorable dog and lavish him with praise. One of our neighbors has made it her life goal to help Dusty gain weight. Usually, at the end of our evening walks, we will stop by to visit and both dogs get a treat (Molly doesn’t need to gain weight, but treats must be fair, apparently.)

Our kids love Dusty. Nathan, who is 11 years old, thinks it is a special treat when Dusty chooses to sleep in his bed instead of ours. And speaking of sleeping in our bed; Dusty is a burrower. He will find, or make space for himself under the covers cuddled up right next to us (or in between us.) Coincidentally, Dusty is a lot like my teenage son, Benjamin, who can sleep until the sun is well up in the sky: whereas Molly is like Nathan and has to be up and at it really early. I recently made the bed right over the top of Dusty because he just wasn’t ready to get out of bed by the time I was ready to make the bed.

Dusty has added to the joy and love in our home in so many ways, both in the giving and the receiving aspects. We are so grateful to have found him.

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Baby is a 9 year old blue female that came into rescue on February 23, 2012 when her owner passed away and the immediate family could not keep her.

Baby was adopted on April 28, 2012. Baby was adopted to a wonderful home where she is an only dog. She loves all the attention she gets from her new owner and all the neighbors in the community where she lives. She goes to the dog park every day and goes on several walks throughout the day as well. She enjoys cuddling with her new owner on watching tv or snuggling under a blanket. Being spoiled is something Baby welcomes and she deserves it too!!!

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Gelato is a 5 year old male seal Italian Greyhound that came into rescue on January 29, 2012 when his owner could no longer keep him because of a new baby on the way.

Gelato (renamed Jasper) was adopted on May 26, 2012. Hunter (an IG who is 9 years young) is thrilled to have a brother because he just recently lost his best friend and sister Abriana (an IG) to cancer. We will always remember her and keep her in our hearts as we welcome Jasper the newest member of the family. Jasper is so sweet and easy going that it didn't long for him to feel right at home in his new forever home with Hunter. They get along great and love taking their daily stroll around the neighborhood, especially when they see a rabbit along the way! Of course their other favorite times are meal time, nap time and watching a good movie or a baseball game with mom - go Cards.

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Caesar is an 8 year red male that was turned into rescue on June 5, 2012 for biting. Unfortunately Caesar was being bothered by the grandchild of his owner and snipped at the child in the face and he had to get a few stitches. Caesar had to be put in quarantine for 8 days. As regretful as his owners felt they could no longer keep Caesar and turned him over to rescue.

Caesar got adopted on July 21, 2012 to his foster mom! When Caesar came into rescue we knew he could not be placed in a home with other dogs or small children. His foster mom who recently just lost her beloved IG to cancer was the best fit for our Caesar. They instantly bonded and were the perfect match. Caesar lives in an apartment and is a very good dog. During the day his stays well in his crate with no accidents or barking. When his mother comes home he is very anxious to see her. He has learned to walk well on a leash and is learning not to be aggressive to other dogs he see on his walks. He loves to ride in the car and enjoys taking long car rides with his mother. Occasionally he goes to work with his mother and enjoys all the attention he gets at work. There could not be more of a happy ending for Caesar!

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Wrigley is a 4 year old black male Italian Greyhound that came into rescue on July 23, 2012 when his owner abandoned him at a Petsmart. One of the workers of Petsmart took him home and contacted Italian Greyhound Rescue.

Wrigley was adopted on August 2, 2012. Wrigley is so happy in his new home. He is an only dog and he is just fine with it. He gets to go on walks several times a day and goes riding in his owner’s golf cart with him. He enjoys spending all his time with his new owner and his owner feels the same way too. Wrigley has come a long way from being abandoned in a store to being cherished in his forever home!

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Dewey is a seal and white male 8 year old male that came into rescue on May 29, 2012 when he was turned into the Pima County Animal Control after he was taken from an animal hoarder.

Dewey was adopted on August 12, 2012. His bio was written directly from his new owners. Adding Dewey to our family has been such a wonderful experience. He is the most loving and accepting dog I've ever met. He loves to meet other people and animals, and is never afraid to say hello to a new friend. Dewey's manners are great, and has been very quick to learn some of the house "rules" and commands. Dewey has a soft spot for the women in the house. He likes to start his night sleeping in our daughter's bed, and then will sometimes move on from there. Everyone that meets him immediately falls in love with him and the breed. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. We look forward to many more years of joy with this fantastically loving guy!

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Webster is a seal and white 1 year old male that came into rescue on May 13, 2011 because he did not get along well with small children.

Webster was adopted on September 2, 2012 by his foster parents. “Webbie” as they call him is just a one the sweetest dogs. He gets along well with his 3 other siblings. He enjoys spending his time basking in the sun, playing with toys and constantly following is mother around the house. He cannot wait until she gets home. He is also learning how to behave well around small children. It took a long time for Webster to get adopted because he did not get along well with children but I think he wanted to stay right where he was. Hooray for Webster and his new owners.

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Bentley is a 6 month red male that came into rescue April 16, 2012 due to his owner’s work schedule he was left alone all day in a condo and had too much energy for her.

Bentley was adopted just shy of his first birthday. Bentley loves his new home. He has a huge yard to run and play in and lots of dogs to play with. He favorite is the toy Rat Terrier he that keeps him busy. He even gets a few tug of war sessions in with the senior dogs. Bentley is a bundle of energy and constantly wants to keep busy. When he finally tires out his favorite thing to do is cuddle on his mother’s lap. He loves to go to the Italian Greyhound meet up groups and socialize with the other Italian Greyhounds. He truly is a gem and so glad he found his forever home!

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Sweet Pea now 11 years old is a seal and white male that was turned into rescue on August 11, 2011 when he was 10 years old to the Humane Society because his owners were losing their home to foreclosure.

Bubba a 10 year old fawn male was turned into rescue on July 8, 2012 when his owner could not afford to take care of his vet care.

Both dogs were adopted to the same home on September 30, 2012. Bubba & Sweet Pea are so lucky they found such a wonderful owner who knows that seniors are great dogs. They spend their days lounging on couch of nice big dog beds. They go for long walks and occasionally to the dog park. They could not have asked for a better home to spend the rest of their sweet life. Yay for Sweet Pea & Bubba

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Tuff (renamed  Tuffy) is a 8-10 year old blue fawn male that came into rescue on September 14, 2012 when he was dropped off at the Maricopa County Pound.  Small Dog Rescue picked him up and contacted Italian Greyhound Rescue.

Tuffy was adopted on October 15, 2012 to his foster family.  This was their first foster and they instantly fell in love with him.  He gets along well with their other Italian Greyhound Kona.  They enjoy each other’s company and are the same age. Kona was an only dog her whole life and she was instantly enjoyed the company of Tuffy.  They enjoy lounging in the sun on the patio and going for daily walks.  Occasionally they to go visit their grandmother and they get so spoiled.  This is truly a happy ending for Tuffy to find his forever home in his senior years!

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Asher is a 4 month old white and black male puppy that came into rescue on July 9, 2012 due to biting his owner.  His foster family did not experience any of that aggression.  Asher had demodex mites that was passed on to him from his mother due to poor breeding conditions.  Asher could not be adopted for several months until this condition completely cleared up.

Asher was adopted on October 16, 2012 to a wonderful family that completely adores him.  He has a new brother named Nino.  He and Nino love laying in the sunny spots upstairs.  Most of the time, they love laying down together in the same space, like a critter cube or large dog bed.  Both dogs alert the family when someone is coming up the driveway.  Asher will now welcome anyone if he is in his mother’s arms, and he will extend his hand in mother’s hand to the "new person" in the house. Commands he now knows:  sit or (sits automatically if anyone holds up one finger to him, do you want a cookie?, time for nibbies (food), lay down, kiss, do you want to go potty out?  His new family loves Asher's beautiful wanting love-eyes, his cute personality and coloring; but mostly the joy and love he has added to their home.


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Tonto renamed Tanto is a 10 year old red and white male adopted November 1st, 2012 in McMinnville OR. Tonto came into rescue February 2, 2011 when the Arizona Humane Society called us to help him get healthy and find him a good home.

Tonto’s health had been severely neglected. When he was turned in to the Humane Society, he was so incredibly obese he could barely get to his feet without help and he would tire walking even short distances. Tonto’s thyroid condition had not been treated properly, his eyes were sensitive to light and runny, he had trouble breathing and he had numerous and complicated infections. After months of medical rehabilitation, Tonto was moved to a foster home that did a wonderful job paring off the last few extra pounds and caring for him.

In rescue, Tonto transformed from a dog who looked utterly miserable to open his eyes each day into a happy boy who loves to play and has the energy of a much younger dog. Tonto caught the eye of a previous IGCA Rescue adopter in Oregon who fell in love with him the first time she saw his picture. A wonderful Arizona volunteer escorted Tonto to Oregon under his airline seat. Tonto shares his home with a full size Greyhound, a Chihuahua, 2 cats, and 4 loving human hands to pet him.

Below are pics of Tonto’s rescue journey: Tonto shortly after leaving the Humane Society, Tonto after months of Medical Rehab [clear eyed and healthy!], and best of all, Tonto soaking up the love of his new owner. Tonto’s medical bills ran in excess of $1700, much of which was covered by private donors. Please consider including IGRF in your annual charitable giving plans since our adoption fees rarely cover the cost of vetting most of the dogs who come into our program. Information on how to donate can be found at http://www.igrescue.com/

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