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Ripley is a 11-12 year old red and white male that came into rescue on July 3, 2013 after financial hardship caused his owner to surrender him.

Ripley was adopted on 1/3/14. Ripley now shares his home with his girlfriend Rachel another Italian Greyhound whom he meant while being fostered. He enjoys going for long walks, snuggling with his new mom and playing with the other dogs. Ripley is truly happy that someone saw the potential of what a young senior came bring to your life!

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Dakota and Chayton are two 10 year old male IGs that came into rescue on June 1, 2013 because their owner was moving out of state and could not take them. Dakota and Chayton stayed together in their foster home and were adopted by their foster parents on January 8, 2014.

Dakota and Chayton (the two in the middle, Chayton is white, Dakota is grey) spend most of the day hanging out, working at home with their favorite person in the whole world, their dad, Chris. They love him because he plays with them constantly and he is their special person. They were truly meant to be his dogs. When mom gets home they greet her happily, but then they go back to their dad for lots of love and play. They are obsessed with cheese and they think the human bed was meant for them alone. Their siblings are both puppy mill survivors. They have learned to be careful around June (right) because she has a bad back and they have shown Greedo (left) how to play, and hopefully to be a little less afraid of dad. All four of them work as a team when they want to go for a walk. They all sit around and stare at their people very intently, and when they mean business, they send Greedo in to poke the humans with his nose. He's usually too bashful to do such a thing unless it's time for a walk! That's when we know we have no choice but to take everyone for a walk. They fit perfectly into our family and we love them very much.

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Boo (renamed Lady) is a petite black and white 7 year old female Italian Greyhound that came into rescue on July 19, 2013 when her own was moving and decided she was not taking Boo with her.

Boo was adopted on January 18, 2014. Boo now shares her life with Boots who just lost his best girlfriend (wife) around Christmas. Boots was very sad. Here is how Boo's story unfolds in her own words:

I have started my new life and I'm sooooooooooooo happy, my tail never stops wagging. I stayed with my my fosters for a while, there were a lot of friends to play with. Then one day I met my new mom and dad. They seemed nice, so I acted like my usual self zipping around the house showing everyone how fast I am. There was a different person at my foster home, his name was Boots and he wasn't very friendly, kinda snooty. I just ignored him. My new mom and dad really tried hard to pick me up, but I was to fast for them. Then my foster mom picked me up and put my vest on and I thought I was going for a walk. I was wiggling everywhere, I could had caught my tail it was wagging so hard. No one else had their collars but the new guy Boots. She handed me to my new mom and she took me to a new truck. I was very scared, Boots just layer in the bed that was in the back.

I started talking to Boots and found out he just lost his wife of 9 years right around Christmas time. Now I understood why he was so sad, he said he didn't really want to do anything anymore but just lay around. We stayed in the truck for a long time, then stopped in front of a house I've never seen before. I also noticed it was a lot cooler where we stopped and my new mom had to put my jacket on it was so cool.

I was carried into the house, where Boots followed on the floor, he jumped up on the couch and layer down. Mom put me down on the floor, I wasn't sure what was going on but there was a lot of different smells everywhere. I must have sniffed around for a couple of hours before I started getting tired. I found all the important things like the food bowl, (I didn't like the different food, so Mom added some of mine in) the doggie door and a new bed to lay in. I asked Boots if I could lay with him in his bed, he said he didn't care and moved over. I was scared to be by myself, but he told me that his people are fun to be around. Before everyone went to bed Mom picked me up and took me out to the front yard, I didn't understand why she had me on a leash but I was tired and did my business. The next morning I found out that I have another brother named Bo and sister named Karrot. I didn't like them they are very big, well Bo isn't very tall but he is very long and his super long ears. I thought he looked funny, with short legs and long ears.

After a few weeks Boots began to play some with me and I noticed he was gaining weight. My problem was I was loosing weight, my Mommy had to change me over to puppy food and I started to gain a little weight. I started out at 8 pounds and now I'm at 10 pounds. I still have my girlish IGGY figure. You know us girls like to keep a nice figure.

To date, my Mommy had to change my name because there were too many "B's" to say Boots, Bo and Boo. I wouldn't answer to Boo, once she told me " listen hear little Lady" and the Lady part made me perked my ears up and now my name is Lady. I come all the time now when I'm called.

My Mommy works with a lot of young people she calls troops. I really like talking to the troops. They like to pet me and some just sit and talk to me, my Mommy calls it therapy. I like Therapy,

I go and see the troops twice a month I have so much fun. Mommy and Daddy also take me on trips in a moving house, I like that moving house because as we're moving down the road Boots and I get to look out a big window. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll try to bite the cars as they pass. I've been to Tucson, Silver City, Las Cruces and a very small place called Hatch. I like Hatch, I like to roll around in the dirt, it smells very good. My new life is good and I think I'll stay.

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Hogan is a 8 year old fawn male that came into rescue on November 19, 2013 from a shelter in California where he was placed after his owner passed away.

Hogan was adopted on February 9, 2014. Here is what his new parents have to say about Hogan. "Since coming to our home, Hogan has been very fun to watch and grow. He has really grown to love our family and his new sister, Lucy. He spends the day lounging around making sure his family is still in the house. He has no problem laying down and taking a nap with Lucy when his family leaves but he sure likes to bark at you before you go anywhere so he can get his treat. His has learned that Lucy is still the queen of the home and worries about his toy when she is around. He watches his toys very carefully to make sure Lucy doesn't take them. He loves car rides and just went on his first family vacation. He did fantastic in the car and had no potty accidents. He has really been a delight and his personality lights up a room."

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Prada is a blue and white 3 year old female that came into rescue on January 22, 2014 when her owner did not have the time to spend with her. She was adopted on March 22, 2014.

Here is what her new owners have to say about beautiful Prada;

"Prada continues to do just beautifully in our home. She and our male Italian Greyhound, Patch, love to play "chase" throughout the house or backyard, or play "tug" with one of their numerous toys. They get along just beautifully and we are so happy that Prada has become the playmate that our lonely Patch longed to have.

Prada has become an excellent little swimmer. She know that swimming is by invitation only, so we don't have to worry about her just jumping into the pool. She LOVES to swim back-and-forth between my husband and myself in the warm, summer water. Several times when I have offered an opportunity for her to swim to the steps to get out, but she then just stands on the pool deck as if asking to return to the water which of course, we invite her back in.

Prada definitely is an alpha dog, so we have had to work with her on not trying to push Patch away to receive more affection. She has and continues to learn about sharing with her best buddy, but we surely have NOT had any major issues. We just provide some gentle training strategies.

We have taken Prada and Patch to the doggie park near us and she loves to interact with the other dogs. We are so happy that we adopted little Prada. She seems to be extremely happy in her new home, has lots of opportunities for long walks to smell good things along the way, visit the doggie park to make new friends, play with her best buddy Patch. We are so grateful to have her in our lives."

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Luna is a 1 1/2 white and blue female that came into rescue on January 15, 2014 when she was surrendered to the Humane Society because her owner said she did not get along with other dogs. On her turn in information sheet provided by her owner it was noted that Luna lived in a crate and already had a litter at her young age. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona contacted Italian Greyhound Rescue and we put this little sweetie in a foster home. She was vaccinated and spayed.

Luna was adopted on March 23, 2014. Here is what her new parents have to say about Luna. "She is getting along great with the rest of the pack. She absolutely loves to play with all if them and loves play with all the toys in their toy box. Also she loves to run around outside and chase the birds. We have her about 50% trained with using the doggie door. We just have to build her confidence up. We push it open so it touches her either way in or out. I know one day she is going to surprise us and she just going to fly through it. Luna is about 80% potty trained. She does cower when you go to pet her on her head still but we know that will take time. She is so so sweet and loving and demands your undivided attention for love. We love her so much, she such a little good ball. We wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

Hooray for Luna for finding such a wonderful home that she deserves!!!!

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Angelina Josphina is a beautiful petite 11 year old fawn female that came into rescue for the second time on August 24, 2014when her new owner could not longer keep her due to illness.

AJ was adopted on April 3, 2014 and now shares her life with a couple of cats and a Rottweiler named Abby. AJ follows Abby everywhere, loves to frolic in the huge yard that she has and enjoys her daily walks with her new mom and dad. She especially loves to cuddle with her dad.

Hurray for AJ for finding a forever home in her senior year!!!!

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Olive is a 1 year old blue and white female that came to rescue on October 13, 2013 when her owner could not afford the leg surgeries that she needed for extreme luxated patella in each hind leg.

Olive was adopted by her foster parents on June 4, 2014

Olive is thrilled to be all settled into her new loving home after a long journey to health and proper mobility. She needed to have surgeries on both her back legs to correct luxating patella issues that was hindering proper mobility. Olive is a perfect example of how a dog can absolutely live a full and wonderful life after patella surgery. Olive is so happy now that she is fully recovered and can walk, run, and play just like any other one year dog! She is now a firecracker of a little girl who likes to show everyone who is boss and likes to spend her days chasing and being chased by her IG playmates! Of course, Olive loves her new human family as well as her IG buddies. Olive is very grateful to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation and her new furever home for giving her such a bright future!

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Zen (renamed Zoe) is a 7 1/2 year old seal and white female that came in to rescue for the second time on April 7, 2014 when her dog companion passed away suddenly and her owner did not what to get another dog and felt Zoe needed a companion.

Zoe was adopted and found her forever home on June 5, 2014 and this is what her new owner had to say:

"We had recently lost our 8-year-old Iggy Gracie to cancer but thanks to the IGCA Arizona Rescue we had the opportunity to adopt Zen renamed Zoe. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Zoe now has two siblings, Stewart and Ava who are both dachshunds. She has assimilated well into our family. Zoe is so sweet and greets us at the door when we come home and loves to snuggle. We are blessed to have her in our lives. Zoe has found her furever home."

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Rex is an 8 year old seal Italian Greyhound who was returned to rescue on January 30, 2014 when the person who adopted him said he had bad potty habits. His new owner, who did not have a back yard, was told he needed to be taken for walks numerous times a day.

Lucky for Rex he was adopted in to a new home on June 21, 2014 where he has a big back yard and a new friend. Here is what his new parents have to say about Rex

"Our family could not possibly ask for more in a dog than the Italian greyhound we adopted this year from IGCA Rescue. We named him "Olive" which we felt was a more appropriate sibling name to our 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier "Basil" and they are beyond the best of friends! It's like they were meant to be together all along. Olive adjusted into our family immediately, lounging on the warm patio for hours or napping curled tightly in throw pillows and blankets. He cleans our Jack Russell's face and plays chase with him like they're two young pups. Often when making dinner I'll feel two long legs resting on my back! This is Olive's way of begging! I have never had a more gentle, loving dog even with an inquisitive 1 year old poking him occasionally and an active 4 year old, Olive is right there wanting petting and kisses! Even pushing us over with his rear end (which he loves scratched!) We have yet to watch a movie where Olive isn't curled up on one of our laps. He has the warmest personality and the most gentle heart. We couldn't even imagine the house or our lives without the beautiful long-legged IG we call Olive-he has made our family complete."

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Beast is a 2 year old seal male that came in to rescue on March 27, 2014 when his owners felt he would do better in a home without small children.

Beast was adopted on July 3, 2014 and shares his home with another young Italian Greyhound Jerry who was adopted in 2013. Beast was very afraid of men but has warmed up to his new dad. He loves his new home and his new parents seem to like his name so they have not changed it.

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Bootsie is a 10 year old fawn female Italian Greyhound rescue who was returned to rescue on April 3, 2014 when her owner could no longer afford to take care of her properly.

Bootsie was adopted in to her "furever" home on July 5, 2014. Bootsie loves her new home and all the attention she gets from her numerous Italian Greyhound brothers and sisters. She is the perfect dog with an awesome personality. She is always so anxious to greet her new parents when them come home and always has an abundance of kisses to give them. She is a pure joy and her new parents are so lucky that have her in their lives!

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Tess is a 5 year old black and white female that was returned to rescue on May 23, 2014 when her owner moved out of state and gave Tess to her parents who could not care for her.

Tess has found her forever home and was adopted on July 25, 2014. In her new home is another female Italian Greyhound named Iggy and a male Mini Pin named Peanut, who both just absolutely love her. Tess enjoys her new family, loves going for walks, taking naps, playing and snuggling. She is now her mom’s newest shadow. She enjoys playing tug of war with Iggy and all the cool toys her siblings share with her. She always wags her tail and we know that Tess is truly happy in her new home.

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Willie is a 5 year old seal and white male that came in to rescue on June 21, 2014 from living in a dirty back yard with his 4 other siblings.  Willie and his brothers and one sister were almost like ferrel dogs.

Willie was adopted on July 20, 2104.  It took a long time for him to adjust to living in a home and thanks to his wonderful new owners he adjusted.

He HAD come a long way since day he was adopted. He would run and hide from just the sound of a hair dryer. He still needs work, but is slowly coming out of his shell and learning what it’s like to be a happy iggy with love, support and LOTS of patience.  The picture shows him graduating from his first 6 week training class! Way to go, Willie!!!

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Nicholas (Nico) 5 year old black and white male Italian Greyhound came in to rescue  on December 13, 2013 when his owner passed away.

Nico was adopted on August 19, 2014.  Nico is now an only dog and loves, loves the attention he gets from his new owners.  His new parents love him very much and take him everywhere they go. He now enjoys daily walks and has a nice yard to romp and play in.  Nico does not mind being the only dog so he does not have to share all the attention!

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Coco is a blue 5 year old petite female that came in to rescue on May 17, 2014 when her owner felt she would do better in a home without toddlers.

Coco was adopted by her foster parents on September 20, 2014.  This what they have to say about the new addition to their family :

"When Coco first arrived, she was scared, always shivering, very timid, and severely under weight. Now, Coco is a whopping 9 pounds and her fur is super shinny and soft. Coco has bloomed into her new and free self! Now, Coco is very vocal about her feelings and "lets-it-be-known" that no dog can mess with her new sister, Olive, at the dog parks'. Coco loves to cuddle! And, she loves her belly rubs.

Also, when she is feeling feisty, Coco loves to play her baby sister.

However, both of the little lady's love to cuddle together in their downtime. Coco is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her."

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Little Bits (renamed Bambi) came in to rescue on June 21, 2014 with her four brothers from very bad little conditions.

Bambi was adopted on October 12, 2014.  Bambi now shares her life with a h 10 year old Italian Greyhound.  They get along well and enjoy laying in the sun together, going on walks and being doted on by there loving mother.  Bambi now enjoys the laps of luxury which is a far cry from the place she used to live in.

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Asher is a 3 year old pied male Italian Greyhound came in to rescue for the second time in his young life on September 16, 2014 due to divorce. Asher was adopted on October 18,2014.  This is what his new family had to say:

"Asher is a very playful little guy and will chase after a ball or stuffed toy as long as you throw it for him. He gets along with our other dog Gandhi. Gandhi is bigger but they play together like they have known each other all of their lives. He uses the dog door very well.

Asher is also a little cuddle bug. He is happy to curl up next to you on the couch or under the covers in bed. Our daughter will sometimes sleep with him like a little stuffed animal and he will stay with her as long as we let him.

Asher is a very lovable little dog and we are so happy to have him as part of our family."

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Tato is a 8 year old fawn male that was turned in to rescue for the second time on June 23, 2014 when his owner moved out of state and could take him with her.

Tato was adopted on December 3, 2014.  Tato now shares his life with another male Italian Greyhound named Junior.  Junior has been an only dog so having a new brother was an adjustment. His new owners says, "Tato is great – the perfect little gent! He adjusted to things almost instantly. He’s polite, well-behaved and sweet.  Junior seems to be accepting and enjoying him too."

Way to go Tato!!!  Life is good!

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Zoe (renamed Velvet) is a black and white 12 year old female that came in to rescue on January 20, 2014 when her owner lost her home and could not keep her.

Zoe was adopted on December 16, 2014.  We are always happy when our rescues are adopted but more so when a senior finds their forever home!! This is what Zoe's new owner had to say:

"It had been about 3 years since we’d lost our first Italian Greyhound to kidney failure, and our household was just not complete without another IG.  I have always preferred to adopt older dogs, as there are always canine senior citizens in need of a good home.  Velvet was very unsure about her new home at first, but now you would never know she hasn’t lived with us her entire life.  She loves going for walks with our other dogs, a beagle and a Labrador mix.  She loves being pampered and eats only the best dog food, and healthy treats.  With the addition of a daily joint supplement, Velvet now bounces around like a puppy and gives no indication she will be slowing down any time soon!

She prefers to sleep on the couch at night, and loves to go for car rides.  She comes to work with me, and is great when I take her to any store I can find that allows dogs!  I would highly recommend adopting a senior Italian Greyhound from the IGCA rescue.  Senior dogs may need some extra time to adapt to a new home, but it is worth it to adopt a dog who is already housebroken, leash-trained, and knows how to behave in any situation!  With the right care, older dogs can still have many years left to give love and enjoy life."


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