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Pipsqueak is a 6 month old female Italian Greyhound that came in to rescue on November 14, 2014 when her owner did not to pick her from the petsitter and decided he no longer wanted her anymore.

Pippy was adopted on January 17, 2015.  This is what her new parents have to say about Pippy's new life with them.

Pippy (AKA Pipsqueak) came into our family at a time when the need was great. Doug and I moved here from New Mexico four years ago with our 4 Italian Greyhounds Leggs, Mickey,  Minnie and Lucky. Sadly three of them have since passed away with Mickey passing in December 2014.

Lucky, who had never been alone without another canine sister or brother (he was born in a shelter), was sad, lonely and depressed and would not get out of bed for days. When I saw Pippy's picture on the rescue page, I knew she was a perfect fit for our family.

She and Lucky bonded immediately.  It was funny when she first met our cats Daisy and Sparkle, She acted like she had never seen a cat before, and soon became attached to them as well.  Pippy and Lucky are inseparable.  They love to play outside and enjoy laying in the sun and Daisy joins them most of the time.  Pippy can be shy at times but mostly very energetic especially when it playtime. I have nicknamed her Pippy Pepper.  She likes to snuggle at night and is pure joy in our hearts...... oh and out of all the toys we have for her, her favorite is any shoe that we don't remember to put out of her reach.

My little girl is awesome! The even have their own Facebook page:  The lucky and Pippy show.

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Penny is a beautiful 11 year old blue female who came into rescue on December 26, 2014 with her sister Olive when her owner's new family and life did not agree with Penny and Olive.

Penny was adopted on March 7, 2015.  Penny now shares her home with a another long time rescue senior named Baby who was adopted in December of  2014.  Penny and Baby are constantly doted on by their loving parents and enjoy all the creature comforts of being two very spoiled dogs.  They enjoy lounging in the sun and cuddling with their mom and dad.  There been a better match nor better home for these two golden girls!!!!

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Olive Oil is a 10 year old black and white female that came into rescue on December 26, 2014 with her sister Penny when her long time owner had to give them up due to her new life.

Olive Oil was adopted on March 21, 2015 and is now an only dog and loving it.  This is what her new owner has to say:

"Olive, or as we call her, "Ollie," has been, to put it rather simply, a great joy to have in our lives. Our family was incredibly lucky to have been adopted by this wonder of an Italian Greyhound. Even though she clocks in at nine pounds, she is an incredibly active senior dog.

Her favorite toy is her squeaky chicken, and her favorite game is "hugs and kisses"- where she bounces around on the couch, and rolls around, then jumps up and gives us Mom or Brenné a big hug and lots of kisses. She loves to dance around and wiggle her butt, especially if we've cooked her chicken (part of her home-cooked, gluten-free organic meals she loves). And boy, can she sleep and cuddle! She has brightened the lives of our entire household, plus she gives our kitty a run for the money in mischievousness. She truly is a "velcro dog" in every sense of the word, but she is very inquisitive and interested in almost anything we're doing; it really is a team effort when Ollie is involved! She loves to go on walks, particularly to the nearby dog park to meet other friendly pooches. Thank you, rescue association, for bringing this wonderful, dancing joy into our lives!"

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Dexter is a 7 year old blue and white male that came into rescue on March 14, 2015 when his owner moved out of state and could not take him with her.

Dexter was adopted on April 2, 2015 to  a wonderful family and shares his home with another IG Gabi. Dexter's new parents are so happy with him, this is what they have to say: "We feel so lucky and blessed to have adopted Dexter. Dexter is incredible and very well behaved. Since he is 7 years old, he is out of puppy mode, but very active. He came potty trained!! He is a very smart dog and learns quickly. Dexter loves Gabi & she loves him. Our family could not be happier!!!!"

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Giuseppe is a 2 year old pied male that was turned into rescue on March 7, 2015 when his owner could not give him the time he deserved.

Giuseppe was adopted on April 19, 2015. This is what his new family has to say: " After we adopted Giuseppe, our lives have had so many more laughs and love! Our older IG, Romeo absolutely loves his little brother. Giuseppe is going through training and is SUCH a fun and wonderful addition to our family!"  Way to go Giuseppe!!!  We could not be happier for the little guy.

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Angelo is a 5 year old male seal male that came into rescue on December 28,2014 when he was found as a stray.  The people who found him held him for a month and could not find his owners.  They really were fond of this little guy but were worried that their big dogs may hurt him, not purposely, but when they played with him.  With a heavy heart they surrendered him to rescue.

Angelo got adopted on May 9, 2015 by a former adopter. This is what his new family has to say about Angelo:

"We adopted Enzo three or four years ago.  Angelo joined us earlier this year.  They became fast friends.  They like to stretch out and kick us off the bed.  Angelo finally started sleeping with our son so he could have more room.  Our daughter performed a wedding so Angelo is recently married.  We had guests and presents and special treats.  It was quite the event.  During the day while the kids are at school they keep me company in my office while I get my homework done.    Our lives are much more full because of our furry family."  We are all happy Angelo found his furever home! 

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Vinne is an 11 year old seal colored male that came into rescue on June 18, 2014 with 4 other Italian Greyhounds from Sierra Vista, AZ when their owner passed away and the house they were living in was being condemned.

Vinnie was adopted on May 21, 2015.  This is what his new owner had to say about Vinnie:

" After loosing Sera (13 year old IG) July 2014 due to cancer I was ready to consider adopting an IG.  I had another IG, Sophie who is 12 years old.  She and Sera were like mother and daughter.  After visiting the IGCA website I thought that Vinnie might be a good fit.  When I met him and brought him home May 1st, I was so excited!  Sophie did not know what to think of him.  Vinnie is sweet and a total gentleman.  He was and still is very attached to me.  It took about 1 week for Sophie to realize he was staying.  At about 2 weeks he started grooming Sophie. Sera had done this when she was alive for Sophie.  Vinnie is well behaved, has not had any potty accidents in the house and very gentle.  He is a perfect fit for my situation.  I would highly recommend others to adopt a "senior" IG.  I believe Vinnie still has a lot of life left to enjoy! 

It is always extra special when our seniors get adopted. Yay for Vinnie!!!!

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Rocky is a handsome tan and white 10 year old IG who came into rescue on March 7 2015 after his owners could not provide him the attention he deserves.

Rocky was adopted on May 28, 2015. Rocky is very happy in his new home and treated like a King. Rocky is doing fantastically well. He is fitting in like he's been there for years! His new owners say he is so sweet and obedient and has had no potty accidents! He is just a great dog overall. They are all all enjoying him. He loves to take walks (see photo, with our other "Harry") and sleep on our big warm fluffy stuffed dog (see photo).

Hooray for Rocky. He finally is getting all the love he deserves in his senior years!!!

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Badger formerly YoYo is an 11 year old blue and white male that came into rescue on January 19, 2015 when his owner could no longer take care of him.

Badger was adopted on June 13, 2015 and moved to Colorado. Badger loves it up there! He has a nice big grassy yard to run and frolic around in. Lots of beds and stairs to sleep on – he loves going up and down the 31 stairs to the back yard. His new owners say he is just adorable and has lost some weight and looks healthy. They are very happy to have such a wonderful dog.

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