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Dante is a blue and white 3 year old male that was turned into rescue November 16, 2015 when his owner had to move back with her parents and could not take him.

Dante was adopted on January 10, 2016.  He now shares his home with two other Italian Greyhounds.  He loves to play with his sister and enjoys the company of his new family.  He has a nice yard to run and play in and plenty of love.  He is very happy in his new home.


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Teenee is a 11-12 year old red female that originally came into rescue in July 2015 when her owner passed away. She was adopted in November 2105 but returned to rescue December 2015 when her new owner said she was urinating in the house due to separation anxiety.

Teenee was adopted again on January 29, 2016. This is what her new owners have to say:

"Teenee was shy when she first arrived. She kept to herself most of the time. It didn't take to long before she started to fit right in. She loves her cave bed or sleeping under the covers with you! She likes laying outside in the sun with our other Iggys most of the time and will bark outside with them! She is funny to watch run especially if she thinks she is getting food or a treat! Her eyes are a little cloudy which makes her see shadows and she does weird random barks and noises in the middle of the room! We put her on a fresh food diet and got a few pounds off her and she looks great! She is sweet, gentle and gives wonderful kisses! We love her and she makes a wonderful addition to our family.

Way to go Teenee! Seniors are special and we are so grateful for the special adopters who adopt a senior.

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Noel is a 5-7 fawn female and Jazzy is a 5-7 year old female that came into rescue in on November 28, 2015 when their owner could not spend time with them. The were both very scared dogs that were not spayed, not up to date on their vaccinations and never had a dental.

Noel and Jazzy were adopted on January 31, 2016 and their new names are Izzy & Elly. Even though they lost a lot of teeth and still somewhat afraid of men they are together and found themselves in a wonderful new home with a new mom and dad who dote on them. This is what their new parents have to say:

"Izzy and Elly joined our family and our empty nest feels so much happier. We rescued precious Cola from the IGCA Rescue in 2005 and had to say goodbye to her last May at the age of 16. We found we couldn't be without the sweet hearts of IGs for long. Izzy and Elly are adjusting well with lots of kisses, playing and the ever-favorite snuggling on the couch.

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Amore is a 3 year old seal and white petite female Italian Greyhound that came into rescue on October 10,2015 when a vet's office called and said she was brought in for a broken leg and her owners needed to surrender her because they could not afford to fix her leg.  Lucky for Amore that the staff at the vet's office were knowledgeable and contacted Italian Greyhound Rescue.

Amore was adopted by her fosters on February 23, 2016.  Her new parents nursed her little leg back to health by taking her to the vet for her bandage changes and making sure she got the rest and therapy she needed to be walking as good as new again.

Amore shares her home with a blind senior Italian Greyhound and a docile former racing Greyhound.  She loves her dad and is always is looking for attention and cuddles from him.  She loves to play with the sweet racing greyhound too. She respects the senior blind IG and does not bother him.  She truly found a wonderful home!

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Spindle is a 5-7 year old seal colored female Italian Greyhound that came into rescue on June 15, 2015.  She was found as a stray near Tempe Town Lake extremely thin, dirty and with a very nasty lump on her leg.

Spindle was adopted on March 7, 2016 and renamed Bibi.  She had a dental (and unfortunately loss all her teeth) and had that nasty lump removed thanks to Rescue.  She now shares her home with another Italian Greyhound and two other dogs.  She loves to hug and give kisses to her new parents throughout the day.  Her new parents love her and are so glad to give her a home.

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Dillinger and Sheyenne a 5-7 year old male and female Italian Greyhounds came into rescue in January 2015 all the way from Minnesota. The people who owned them rescued them from an abusive situation and felt that Minnesota was too cold for Italian Greyhounds and drove them all the way to Arizona.

It took a while for them to be adopted because they are such a bonded pair and we could not separate them. They even ate out of the same bowl. They were adopted in December 2015 but unfortunately the child in the family was allergic to them and they had to be returned to rescue.

Dillinger and Sheyenne found their forever home on March 16, 2016. This is what their new parents had to say:

Their unique and quirky personalities are coming out more and more as time goes on much to our delight. Piper has gone from being lonely, lethargic and depressed back to the happy and playful little girl that she used to be prior to the loss of our other IG. We are very happy with the new additions to our family!!!

Dillinger is an absolute crack up. He has the cutest quirky personality and loves everyone and everything. He loves to play with all of the stuffed animals that we have lying around the house and will play tug-of-war with one of his sisters or his new humans. Dillinger has decided that sitting in David's lap is a great thing and they have bonded very well. Even though Dillinger only has 6 teeth left he has no problem eating his dry kibble right alongside of the other two dogs.

Sheyenne is so sweet and absolutely loves to play and explore the yard. She is still a bit shy with David (obviously was mistreated by males) but she is getting better each and every day. We jokingly say she has Alzheimer's because she is skittish and shy in the morning but by the evening she is jumping in David's lap or lying next to him on the couch. Every morning and evening (6pm - she must be able to tell time) Shyanne gets frisky and decides it is play time and proceeds to get the other two dogs to join her in a wrestling match or a game of chase through the house. One of her favorite games is to hide under one of the end tables and pounce on either Dillinger or Piper as they walk by.

Yay for our favorite Twins!!!

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Buster is a beautiful red 5 year old male IG that came into rescue on February 7, 2016 when his owners lost their home and no longer could keep him.

Buster was adopted on March 22, 2016 and is super happy in his new home. He has lots of energy and dogs to play with. He has a little bit of separation anxiety and he is glad that his mom works from home so he is not left alone too long. Buster is such a lucky dog to find such a wonderful new home!

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Abbie is a petite 10 year old seal female that came into rescue on January 22, 2016 when her owner could not financially keep her.

Abbie was adopted on March 28, 2016. As soon as her foster mom met her she knew she was a keeper. Abbie is a sweet quiet girl that loves to cuddle with her mom and go on walks. She loves the calm house that she lives in and is very happy in her new home!

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Romey is a 10 year old seal male anad Isabelle is a 10 year seal female. Romey and Isabella came into Rescue on January 27, 2016 when they were abandoned by their owner. The following day they went to live with their foster mom and her Iggys.

They were both adopted together on June 11, 2016 when their Foster Mom fell madly in love with them and just could not let them go. Romey is attached to his Mom's side at all times and loves to be the only man of the house, which he takes quite seriously.

Isabella has learned to cuddle with her new Mom and use a doggie door. Her foster mom was not sure if Isabella would ever open up to her but she has grown leaps and bounds in the passed few months. Isabella and her new sister, Chloe, play and run around the house like a bunch of two years olds on a daily basis, whereas Romey and his sister, Lilly, just like to lay around and be the lazy Iggys they are. Their Mommy says that adopting them and expanding her Iggy family has brought more joy into her life than she thought possible.

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Smokey is a 10 year blue male that came into rescue on October 12, 2013 when his owner could no longer give him the time he deserved.

Smokey was adopted on Jul 14, 2016. Smokey found his forever home with his foster family. It took a very special family to adopt Smokey because he has severe separation anxiety and would not do well in a home where he was left alone all day. Lucky for Smokey is foster/new dad works from home.

Smokey loves to swim in the pool and always wants to be with his dad. He loves draping across his lap when he is working and even got in the shower with him. Smokey lives in a home with three other IGs and a Chihuahua. Smokey truly found his forever home.

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